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Production Process

Here you can read more about the production process. An intensive, traditional process that has been used by many generations.  Please remind that our experience allows us to handle bigger productions as well.

Start of the production process

Potters’ wheel
The models are shaped on the potter’s wheel or with a mold using Red Clay.

001 002

When the red clay models have dried, they are plunged into liquid white clay.

003 004

After this liquid clay has dried, decorations are drawn into this clay by hand with iron tweezers.


The red clay underneath the white clay will show again after this procedure.

A very special effect.

Then each separate part op de decorations are hand-painted in the required colors.

When the paint has dried all models are plunged in high quality glaze.

006 007 008

When this glaze has dried the models are baked in the oven.

After cooling the items are finished and these ceramics have very special relief within the creative decorations,

which is unique and only produced this way by our factory.

009 010

This unique production process makes our ceramics very different and exclusive.

Then the ceramics are ready for professional packaging.

All models are checked by hand before they are packed and wrapped in bubble plastic and strong boxes.

These boxes are stacked on pallets suitable for international transport.